Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zardosi work

Zardosi work is work from North India and it has been incorporated into all fabrics outfits and styles in South India too. They are basically work done with Zari or gold thread with sequence or chumki adn beads to give a grand look. A lady wearing this will feel like a princess .

Tow such sarees have arrived . Once again in complimenting combinations. one wiht majenta with light pink bofder and the other wiht light pink wiht majenta boder.

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Contemporary in SIlk COt

Unlike the Traditional silk cotton sarees we talked about in the previous blog there can be silk cot sarees with very contemporary designs also. These are different from the ethnic looking ones and very different from the traditional ones. They are perfect for evening wear if matched with silver or modern 1gm jewelry it becomes a perfect evening wear.

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Tussar SILK

This saree is a bold purple Tussar silk saree with cicles made with beige thread work. It goes all over the body and the pallu looks grand with a row of big circles and zigzag patterns running across the pallu.

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silk cotton in Traditional look!!

Here are some of the very Traditional looking silk cotton sarees. They come in very different combinations. It may be either a bold red or arakku with self border or so called the gold border, or totally contrast combination like mustard with MS blue or MS blue with mustard or a mustard with dark green. Or a subtle combination of two greens in the same saree. They are all unique and pretty in their own way and one accessorizes it appropriately each one looks beautiful on ladies.

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Cotton silk at its Elegance!!

Here are two classic sarees in silk cot with long borders on both sides in very ethnic colors of a mild green and a dashing red. They both have either mangoes or flowers on the long border on both sides and on the pallu .

These two are those sarees which gives a lady a very elegant look with the matching blouse and proper accessorizing with either beads or 1gm jewelry or dance jewelry.

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JUTE Saree

This is a classic that has just arrived to RU Creations. It is made of jute in a beautiful Turq blue color with geometric patterns on the body and the pallu is embellished with many geometric patterns. It has got a small gold border and was designed by the National Insitute of Fashion Tech.

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Kalamkari work sarees!!

Two gorgeous Kalmkari work sarees are posted on to his blog. Kalamkari work is a art work using vegetable dyes on silk or silk cot and creating designs with a pen like instrument. It was a superhit for RU Creations and we have brought these two beauticul sarees for you. The swans in these two are very different and one is a turq blue with a pleasing green border with green pallu and the other is a exact opposite combination of the other.

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