Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Contemporary design

This saree also falls under the contemporary category, but is more unique because of the geometric patterns all over the body. This particular one has pretty squares or rectangles more to say in 3 or 4 bright solid colors and some of them with mangoes in them. It has a rich contrast pallu with solid gold work on it and a matching yellow blouse.

Contemporary design

This is very rare color combination. Looks very elegant and can be worn for evening parties and goes for traditional wear also.

Check it out.

One more contemporary design!!

One more combination in Contemporary design!!

Contemporary saree 2

One more combination!!

Contemporary Kanchi silk sarees

Kanchi silk meant all these years saree with border and pallu. Designers are coming up with various designs and creative ideas to keep the buyers on toes. These days wearing sarees with no border and pretty designs all over the bosy with rich pallu and matching unique blouse is very trendy.

Boutique partly pallu

This saree is from a very popular Boutique , black with red combo. The body is tussar silk with bunches of red thread work flowers all over and the partly pallu is made of the material Chiffon in bright red color with little mangoes all over. It has a black blouse with red mango trim on it.

partly pallu3

One more combination and different pattern.

partly pallu 2

Same description as above. In a different color and different pattern combo.

Partly pallu

As the name implies Partly , the saree starts off with one color and then the center part where the pleats form it has a design and then continues with the beginning pattern and ends with a rich pallu and a contrast blouse.

Saamuthrika designer silk

This saree is a designer wear called Saamuthrika. Usually comes with wavy patterns all over the body with rich pallu, sometimes with border and sometimes without. This particular one has wavy designs all over the body with stripes of colors and big gold mangoes on them with a burgandy rich pallu and matching burgandy blouse.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Half saree SAREE

This saree is a Pretty girlish pink wiht beige combination. When the saree is worn it looks like the lady has worn a half saree. The pallu is a baby pink plain and body is combination of pink and beige with vertical stripes with gold work in it.

The blouse is the vertical stirpe with pink and beige colors.

Designer wear 3

This saree is a pretty olive green body with a darker greeen grand pallu. It has no border like the other 2 sarees and has gold pretty leaves all over the saree.

The blouse is plain in the colour of the pallu.

Designer wear 2

This saree is a very pretty kesar orange with a beautiful pallu full of annams(swans) with meenakari work. the saree itself does not have any seperate borders and it is studded with gold flower bhuttas all over the body.

The blouse matches the body of the saree.

designer saree

this saree is majanta and green combination with gold dots on the body and it steps up as you tie the saree. the pallu is green with checks.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zardosi work

Zardosi work is work from North India and it has been incorporated into all fabrics outfits and styles in South India too. They are basically work done with Zari or gold thread with sequence or chumki adn beads to give a grand look. A lady wearing this will feel like a princess .

Tow such sarees have arrived . Once again in complimenting combinations. one wiht majenta with light pink bofder and the other wiht light pink wiht majenta boder.

R @ RU

Contemporary in SIlk COt

Unlike the Traditional silk cotton sarees we talked about in the previous blog there can be silk cot sarees with very contemporary designs also. These are different from the ethnic looking ones and very different from the traditional ones. They are perfect for evening wear if matched with silver or modern 1gm jewelry it becomes a perfect evening wear.

R @ RU

Tussar SILK

This saree is a bold purple Tussar silk saree with cicles made with beige thread work. It goes all over the body and the pallu looks grand with a row of big circles and zigzag patterns running across the pallu.

R @ RU

silk cotton in Traditional look!!

Here are some of the very Traditional looking silk cotton sarees. They come in very different combinations. It may be either a bold red or arakku with self border or so called the gold border, or totally contrast combination like mustard with MS blue or MS blue with mustard or a mustard with dark green. Or a subtle combination of two greens in the same saree. They are all unique and pretty in their own way and one accessorizes it appropriately each one looks beautiful on ladies.

R @ RU

Cotton silk at its Elegance!!

Here are two classic sarees in silk cot with long borders on both sides in very ethnic colors of a mild green and a dashing red. They both have either mangoes or flowers on the long border on both sides and on the pallu .

These two are those sarees which gives a lady a very elegant look with the matching blouse and proper accessorizing with either beads or 1gm jewelry or dance jewelry.

R @ RU

JUTE Saree

This is a classic that has just arrived to RU Creations. It is made of jute in a beautiful Turq blue color with geometric patterns on the body and the pallu is embellished with many geometric patterns. It has got a small gold border and was designed by the National Insitute of Fashion Tech.

R @ RU

Kalamkari work sarees!!

Two gorgeous Kalmkari work sarees are posted on to his blog. Kalamkari work is a art work using vegetable dyes on silk or silk cot and creating designs with a pen like instrument. It was a superhit for RU Creations and we have brought these two beauticul sarees for you. The swans in these two are very different and one is a turq blue with a pleasing green border with green pallu and the other is a exact opposite combination of the other.

R @ RU

Monday, January 11, 2010

The traditional thodu

This is the traditional 7 stone thodu or stud weighing about 1 ct wt.

Big Flower stud

The newest venture of RU Creations is Diamonds. The pictures of all the pairs of earrings are in these blogs. Check it out.

The picture above is a ear lobe filling piece. It looks grand and big, has about 86 stones between both the earrings and the Ct value is 1.28.
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Kanchi Silk goes Trendy

The previous blog on Kanchi silks gives all the needed information on this centuries old Kanchi silk. But even that can be made trendy and modern looking. Unlike the sarees posted on the previous blog this blog has sarees that are totally off-beat and very unusual. They make sarees that resemble Pavadi Davani. One of the sarees in the picture is of that kind. Also, sarees with no borders are made with motifs on the body of the saree and a very grand contrast pallu with a blouse matching to the pallu.

Do check out these two latest blogs for traditional and trendy Kanchi Silk sarees.

You may accessorize the trendy saree with a treandy looking 1gm jewelry.

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Silk actually originated in China. But in India silk is synonymous with Kancheevaram. The most popular silk of all is the Kancheevaram silk or Kanchi silk. The place Kancheevaram is known for its weavers of silk material, pavadis and sarees. It takes more than a month to weave one single saree. Silk yarn is taken out of the silk-worms and then 2 or more colours are used to weave one saree with silver thread coated with gold. These are all reasons why a Kanchi saree is sold at high price. But silk is supposed to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Also, it lasts for decades if maintained carefully. It is quite low maintenance also.

Such a great outfit comes these days in beautiful combinations and with pretty blouses attached. They all have borders on both sides of the saree with small motifs on the body threaded with gold and has a grand pallu that flows down from a lady's shoulder with grand gold embossed designs.

Pictures of some pretty colors in kanchi silk sarees are posted here.

Don't forget to accessorize it with a beautiful 1gm gold jewelry.

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