Friday, November 6, 2009

Half-Saree Saree

Half saree, or pavadai davani, is an outfit that was very popular in the south before the salwar kameez took over among young girls. It was actually a stage in between skirt and saree. A teenager who is at a stage where she is not ready for a saree but does not care to wear pavadai and choli usually dons a half saree. As the name says, it is litereally 3 yards, exactly half of the 6 yards, which is length of the usual saree. Of course it has to be combined with a pavadai and a blouse, or a choli.

If a lady has not worn this in her teen years or if she wants to live her young years by imitating similar outfit, there is something that is very trendy now. It is called the half saree sari It comes in 6 yards with 2 contrast colors or 2 contrast designs. So when you wrap it like a saree, it gives a look of a pavadi davani. Except for the pleats, the other parts have the same design. The pallu and the part we wrap around is of same design. This pattern has been implemented in every type of saree- and sarees ranging in various prices.

As even better news, this saree has arrived at RU Creations!

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