Thursday, December 24, 2009


Tussar Silk, also known by its Sanskrit name Kosa silk, is produced from Tusser silkworms (Antheraea mylitta and Antheraea proylei). Produced mainly in the Indian state, Jharkhand, Tussar is valued for its texture and natural gold colour, which is unusually rich and deep.

Tussar Silk is a type of wild silk – it is obtained from silk worms that are not bred on mulberry trees but whose cocoons are collected from the local trees like Sal, Arjun and Saja. It is less expensive than cultivated silk and not as durable (cultivated silk has longer fibres). Some Tussar silk today is made is called non-violent silk, orAhimsa Silk, which is extracted from the cocoon after the silkworm larva has left it.

Traditionally, Tussar was dyed only with natural dyes – but with time, the range of colour and motifs has increased dramatically, thanks to the introduction of chemical dyes.

One such tussar silk saree is available in a pretty shade of purple with antuque gold border in Banares tissue style. It feels very light unlike the usual pure silk sarees. As mentioned above it also fallls into the category of Ahimsa silk. So anyone who is a vegetarian or who does not believe in wearing pure silk sarees for principle reasons may very comfortably wear this material.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jewelry Matching the Zardosi Outfit

The Zardosi work saree which is one of the latest trends at this moment, from down South of India up to the north, is available in all types of fabrics, based on the part of the country that demands it.

The designs and work on it has an almost-Persian aura to it, giving it both a traditional and modern twist.

Of course, when a lady wears such a beautiful saree, it MUST be accessorized with similar and equally stunning jewelry. Without breaking the bank, these days, beautiful Kundhan Meena Kari work with lots of beads, pearls and colored stones are available in one gram. If the lady decides to match the extravagance of the Zardosi work saree, these designs are available with the real gems as well- bringing the price upwards of thousands of dollars/rupees. But the great thing about one gram jewelry is that you can deck yourself up in one tenth of the price.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zardosi work

Zardosi work is a very popular art work that is done on any kind of fabric these days. As the name implies it is work with Zari or Gold and dosi meaning embroidery in Persian. The workmen use gold thread with beads and pearls and do a beautiful work on any kind of fabric. Since this art form is from the north and since the northies like more of the lighter fabric than silk it comes mainly on Chiffon or Crepe. But this work has been incorporated on to Kanchi silk. One such very popular one is the Vastra kala pattu from the famous shop Pothy's where the hindi superstar from the south Hemamalini posed with the saree. It is kanchi silk material with heavy work of Zardosi.

It takes probably months for a craftsmen or the women to finish one piece. It looks fabulous and is a treat for the eyes.

It may be worn by a young lady for her wedding reception. Since it is not very traditional looking it will suite the occasion and of course the mother of the bride or the groom can also carry it off on their kid's special day.

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