Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rajasthani jewelry in 1gm

Kundan Meenakari is one of the art which is done proudly in Jaipur. This art originated from the Rajputi times and since that Rajasthani people have a kind of monopoly on it. Enameling is an art of using a substance covering the surface of metal, pots or other objects to decorate and beautify them. Enamel is applied when hot and cools to give a hard glossy surface. The Rajputs rulers and royal families of Rajasthan patronized the enameled form of Jewellery which is known today as kundan. Today Jaipur and to some extend Bikaner are the major centres for Kundan. In this art precious stones and very often diamonds, are set into gold artistically creating designs. Enamel work is admired so highly that not only the Jewellery but also the boxes used for the Jewellery and other precious objects, swords, bedrooms tables are decorated with this wonderful work.
One gram gold jewelry comes in various beautiful patterns and designs from various parts of India.  They come in traditional patterns like the addigai from Tamil nadu to polki, to kundan and beads.  
The state of Rajasthan has its own craftmenship in jewelry.  It is very unique and very different from others.  Ths pattern has been incorporated into 1gm jewelry and they make pretty kundan work with meenakari around it.  The meenakari comes in red and green color and the kundan stones are enhanced with is meenakari painting.  Such a exclusive pattern has arrived at RU Creations.  It looks simple as well as classy with matching ear drops. Combination of kundan with meena and bead work. 

R @ EU

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kalamkari work sarees!!

Kalamkari work is an ancient art from Andra Pradesh.  Kalamkari which literally translates into work with pen,  is an art work on fabric using vegetable dyes.  Pen meaning a pierced bamboo  is used to draw this art on the cotton fabric.  It usually depicts Hindu mythology and temple architecture.

This type of work looks very grand on the saree.  

RU Creations have received a shipment for Deepavali and  3 kalamkari work sarees have arrived.  
Call to get more information.

R @ RU

Monday, October 5, 2009

Printed Raw Silk sarees

Raw silk is a fabric made of silk fibers that have not undergone the removal of the sericin coating.  Sericin also called silk-gelatin is boiled out of silk thread prior to be woven in to fine silk.  This is the basic difference between the raw silk and fine silk.   

Such raw silk is used to make all kinds of outfits.  Material as such is sold to make salwars and chudithars and other dresses.  They are also used in making draperies and sheets.  

Raw silk sarees are available.  They come as plain 6yds material in which case you may buy the 6yds and get any kind of work done on it.  It also comes in with borders and prints.  
Couple of such sarees have just been shipped to RU Creations.  Raw silk with print on them and beautiful pallu.  Of course matching blouse like any other saree is attached to the saree.   

R @ RU