Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Saree from the old times

As everyone knows, when history repeats itself, it can go either way. The same applies for fashion. The way we stitch our blouses when it comes to the the neck, the sleeve, and the puff in the sleeves, every style and fashion comes in and out throughout time.

After speaking to a dear older friend, it has come to my attention that one such style , popular over 60 years ago, has reincarnated itself into the form of a saree at RU creations. This particular saree is called the muppagakkarai saree. As the name implies it has 2 colors repeated in 3 pagams or sections, and contrast borders on both sides. Basically, it is a double sided saree with 3 parts of color change.

This saree would definitely be considered a grand one, and can be worn to wedding, so do accessorize it with a grand set of 1gm jewlery.

R @ RU

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ahimsa Silk continued

Earlier, we posted a little something about Ahimsa silks, the environmentally friendly silk. For people who do not believe in killing the silk-worms to use the thread to weave sarees, or those who just do not want to wear silk for any other reasons including veganism, Ahimsa could be the perfect replacement.

Basically, unlike traditional silk, Ahimsa silk's threads are taken our after the cocoon leaves the nest. Therefore, there is absolutely no harm done to the silk worm. Regardless, beautiful colors and prints are available in this type of silk, and evidence is shown in the photos above. The material has a very silkish feel, yet is completely weightless on the body once worn.

Both of these sarees are available at RU Creations.

R @ RU

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Printed Cotton Silk

In the 80's, printed silk used to be very much in fashion, with a long border at the bottom and a small border on top, and with pretty prints on the borders both sides and sometimes on the body of the saree. Now, cotton silk experts have incorporated this idea into silk cotton. These sarees look just like block printed ones, but they are actually run through thari or the loom. The designs may be mangoes, flowers, crosses, plusses or even just lines. In various mixture of combinations they really do look stunning on a beautiful color-combined saree.

Two examples of these sarees have just arrived @ RU Creations. One is a bold black body with turquoise border and turquoise patterns on it. The other one is a pleasing red base with turquoise border and turquoise print. Come on in to check out these two unique sarees.

R @ RU

Stone work on Cotton silk

The earlier blogs had information about various designs and patterns in silk cotton sarees. The latest trend that has caught up in the cotton silk world is the stone work.

First off, it should be noted that a slightly superior quality of cotton silk saree is chosen (so it will have the strength to withstand the sewing and the stone weight etc.,) Also, sarees with contrast colors are picked and stones are embedded all over the border, pallu and on the body . They also add very traditional patterns or kolams with colorful threads and stones all through the saree, over the border and sometimes on the pallu also.

Come on in and check out this collection that just arrived at RU Creations in 3 great combinations.
R @ RU

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Exquisite silk of All!!

The Kanjeevaram, or the Kanchi silk, could easily be considered as the most exotic silk. Such a fabulous material comes out of South India, or more specifically, Kancheepuram, near Chennai, TamilNadu.  Every South Indian woman, or almost every Indian woman's wardrobe will have at least a couple of this great silk. Every South Indian bride's wedding trousseu will definitely comprise of more than one Kanjeevaram silk saree.

We at RU Creations are  proud to bring that kind of rich tradition, from the fareast deep south Kanjeevaram to the deep south Houston, Texas.

Kanchi pattu or silk sarees usually come in bold colors with real gold or silver border on one side of the saree or on either sides with a flashy pallu. These days trendyness has caught up with this most traditional attire also. Boutiques now come up with very off-beat patterns. They are either half and half or sarees with no borders or sarees with very contemporary pallu. The 6yds in a saree has many designs many patterns on it.

One such saree available at RU Creations is displayed here in the picture, a very non traditional saree in a very traditional combination of colors ,  A pretty majenta with a bottle green combination.

P.S Always don't forget to accessorize the lovely saree with a beautiful 1gm gold jewlery.

R @ RU

Monday, September 7, 2009

Accessories even for your BIG day

When we talked about silk-cotton sarees suitable for daytoday, to party wear, to evening wear, to one's wedding day, and for gift-giving, the same principle can be applied to accessorizing a lady's outfit with one gm gold jewelry everyday of her life including the most important one: her wedding day.

Skilled one gm goldsmiths do an extremely articulate job working with stones beads on their pieces. The intricate work on each of the pieces make them truly unique. The pieces range from simple pendant sets suitable for daytoday to party wear, or evening wear that are trendy and wedding sets with a chunky neck piece, an elaborate ear piece with mattal or ear chain, and a matching tikka.

In addition, all of these come in very great colors to match any saree you pick for your wedding.

Also, any of these will make a great gift!! So whether you are treating yourself or are treating any loved one, check out one gram gold jewelry.

All the various types of one gm gold jewelry are available at RU Creations.
R @ RU

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daytoday 2 Weddingday

These days, silk cotton sarees are available for every single day in a woman's life. From day to day wear, to party wear, to evening wear, and of course to the most important day of a girls' life, her wedding day.

The wedding, or vivah collection, has more silk in the silk/cotton mix, has a shiny gleam, and comes with vaira oosi, veldari and grand buttas with big borders and grand pallu.

The gift-giving, or vaibhog collection, comes in beautiful colors with attractive gold and meenakari or threadwork border. These are truly perfect for gifts for the attendees of the wedding.

The evening, or priyam collection, comes in pleasing colors to fit the ambience of the evening with small border and a not so grand pallu.

The party, or santosh collection , comes in trendy colors with flowers and geometric patterns on them.

The day to day, or Nithyam collection, has more cotton than silk, is light weight and fits perfect for the relaxed mood at home.

Each of these various collections are available at RU Creations and may be ordered in desired colors and numbers as per the wish of the customer.
P.S. One gm gold jewelry for all these occasions is also available, and would add a fabulous touch! 


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Threadwork on Cotton silk

'Work' sarees have been in fashion for the past few years. In particular, thread-work sarees have been especially trendy lately.

This concept has caught up with cotton silk sarees also: One may buy a relatively plain silk- cotton saree and either do the thread work yourself, if you have the right sewing skills, or give it to a place where they do the work for you. These days, any tailor who makes the blouses has a person appointed just for this.

So if you are a person who does not wear chiffon, georgette , crepe or any of the more transparent material but still want to wear a saree with some 'work', you may very well do so with a silk cotton one. Pick the color combination u like and pick the motifs you want them to be embroidered with, and you will not be disappointed. Afterwards, the saree can be used for evening wear and can pass for a traditional wear also.

P.S. Do not forget to accessorize it with the right 1gram gold jewelry. A simple pair of earrings and a necklace will look good for these sarees, because the focus has to be on the saree and the work.

R @ RU