Monday, January 11, 2010

Kanchi Silk goes Trendy

The previous blog on Kanchi silks gives all the needed information on this centuries old Kanchi silk. But even that can be made trendy and modern looking. Unlike the sarees posted on the previous blog this blog has sarees that are totally off-beat and very unusual. They make sarees that resemble Pavadi Davani. One of the sarees in the picture is of that kind. Also, sarees with no borders are made with motifs on the body of the saree and a very grand contrast pallu with a blouse matching to the pallu.

Do check out these two latest blogs for traditional and trendy Kanchi Silk sarees.

You may accessorize the trendy saree with a treandy looking 1gm jewelry.

R @ RU

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  1. hi ur creations are too good. Kindly send me the contact details.