Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zardosi work

Zardosi work is a very popular art work that is done on any kind of fabric these days. As the name implies it is work with Zari or Gold and dosi meaning embroidery in Persian. The workmen use gold thread with beads and pearls and do a beautiful work on any kind of fabric. Since this art form is from the north and since the northies like more of the lighter fabric than silk it comes mainly on Chiffon or Crepe. But this work has been incorporated on to Kanchi silk. One such very popular one is the Vastra kala pattu from the famous shop Pothy's where the hindi superstar from the south Hemamalini posed with the saree. It is kanchi silk material with heavy work of Zardosi.

It takes probably months for a craftsmen or the women to finish one piece. It looks fabulous and is a treat for the eyes.

It may be worn by a young lady for her wedding reception. Since it is not very traditional looking it will suite the occasion and of course the mother of the bride or the groom can also carry it off on their kid's special day.

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