Monday, September 7, 2009

Accessories even for your BIG day

When we talked about silk-cotton sarees suitable for daytoday, to party wear, to evening wear, to one's wedding day, and for gift-giving, the same principle can be applied to accessorizing a lady's outfit with one gm gold jewelry everyday of her life including the most important one: her wedding day.

Skilled one gm goldsmiths do an extremely articulate job working with stones beads on their pieces. The intricate work on each of the pieces make them truly unique. The pieces range from simple pendant sets suitable for daytoday to party wear, or evening wear that are trendy and wedding sets with a chunky neck piece, an elaborate ear piece with mattal or ear chain, and a matching tikka.

In addition, all of these come in very great colors to match any saree you pick for your wedding.

Also, any of these will make a great gift!! So whether you are treating yourself or are treating any loved one, check out one gram gold jewelry.

All the various types of one gm gold jewelry are available at RU Creations.
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