Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Threadwork on Cotton silk

'Work' sarees have been in fashion for the past few years. In particular, thread-work sarees have been especially trendy lately.

This concept has caught up with cotton silk sarees also: One may buy a relatively plain silk- cotton saree and either do the thread work yourself, if you have the right sewing skills, or give it to a place where they do the work for you. These days, any tailor who makes the blouses has a person appointed just for this.

So if you are a person who does not wear chiffon, georgette , crepe or any of the more transparent material but still want to wear a saree with some 'work', you may very well do so with a silk cotton one. Pick the color combination u like and pick the motifs you want them to be embroidered with, and you will not be disappointed. Afterwards, the saree can be used for evening wear and can pass for a traditional wear also.

P.S. Do not forget to accessorize it with the right 1gram gold jewelry. A simple pair of earrings and a necklace will look good for these sarees, because the focus has to be on the saree and the work.

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