Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daytoday 2 Weddingday

These days, silk cotton sarees are available for every single day in a woman's life. From day to day wear, to party wear, to evening wear, and of course to the most important day of a girls' life, her wedding day.

The wedding, or vivah collection, has more silk in the silk/cotton mix, has a shiny gleam, and comes with vaira oosi, veldari and grand buttas with big borders and grand pallu.

The gift-giving, or vaibhog collection, comes in beautiful colors with attractive gold and meenakari or threadwork border. These are truly perfect for gifts for the attendees of the wedding.

The evening, or priyam collection, comes in pleasing colors to fit the ambience of the evening with small border and a not so grand pallu.

The party, or santosh collection , comes in trendy colors with flowers and geometric patterns on them.

The day to day, or Nithyam collection, has more cotton than silk, is light weight and fits perfect for the relaxed mood at home.

Each of these various collections are available at RU Creations and may be ordered in desired colors and numbers as per the wish of the customer.
P.S. One gm gold jewelry for all these occasions is also available, and would add a fabulous touch! 



  1. loving the divisions between each type, and the names as well!

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