Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Printed Cotton Silk

In the 80's, printed silk used to be very much in fashion, with a long border at the bottom and a small border on top, and with pretty prints on the borders both sides and sometimes on the body of the saree. Now, cotton silk experts have incorporated this idea into silk cotton. These sarees look just like block printed ones, but they are actually run through thari or the loom. The designs may be mangoes, flowers, crosses, plusses or even just lines. In various mixture of combinations they really do look stunning on a beautiful color-combined saree.

Two examples of these sarees have just arrived @ RU Creations. One is a bold black body with turquoise border and turquoise patterns on it. The other one is a pleasing red base with turquoise border and turquoise print. Come on in to check out these two unique sarees.

R @ RU

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