Monday, August 31, 2009

Evening wear in Cotton silk

The most common look in cotton silk sarees for the past decade has been the more traditional looking sarees, with a solid body and contrast borders on both sides, and gold jari on it.  These could be worn to temples, pujas, engagements ceremonies, 1st birthday pujas, upanayanams and even weddings.  Then slowly- lines,  plaid, and buttas (dots)  came in style.  The silk cotton has truly evolved over the years. These days it comes in designs where the top-half of the saree is of a different color with different designs and the lower half is of a different design and color. 

 Lately, they are making sarees that can be worn for parties and for evening events. The color choices and the designs used on them make them very conducive to evening time and very appropriate for non traditional events.

P S. Accessorize it with matching one gram gold sets with long drops!


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  1. Loving that saree color- the pink is just gorgeous