Friday, August 28, 2009

Ahimsa Silk

We have some exciting news:

RU Creations is planning to add Ahimsa Silk products in future.  Ahimsa silk, or peace silk, is taken out of silk-worm cocoons without killing the pupae in the silk - worms. Vegetarians, vegans and people with the principle of not wearing silk can all consider wearing these silk products because the process of maki
ng this silk from the silk-worms without hurting them  will definitely suite their lifestyle and beliefs.  This silk feels incredibly light and comfortable to wear and has many designs to offer.  It comes in the usual traditional patterns and also has modern contemporary designs.  So if you are looking for either something to wear for a traditional event, or a evening party ,you will be able to pick one from Ahimsa Silk.

The picture shown is a Ahimsa silk saree with Satya paul paint brush design on it.


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