Thursday, August 20, 2009

Deja Vu

In the 1980's, temple-border, or Gopuram border sarees, that were etched in Kanchi silk were all the rage. Basically, this was a solid color as the body, and the border had a contrast color with temple designs threaded in gold.  The pallu was simple, and of course, in those days, they did not come with attached blouses. 

This exact style has made a huge comeback in Chennai over the last year, with one difference being that it is slightly more elegant.  The saree of today has a solid color as the body as well, with a contrast border, but also has a gorgeous tissue pallu. It also comes with a blouse attached with mini temple borders on the sleeves. 

We have seen many news anchors on Indian TV, models and socialites wearing these patterns over the past few months.

RU Creations currently carries a beautiful and popular combination of this type- photo attached!

R @ RU

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