Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great Giftgiving

Cotton-silk sarees and one gram gold jewelry can make great gifts to your friends , family or relatives. 

 Whatever the occasion may be, either a birthday, anniversary, any rituals or pujas, or any landmarks,   cotton-silk sarees and one gram gold jewelry will both make a great gift.  

You can choose which would suit the receiver of the gift based on her taste! 

Depending on the receiver of the gifts's taste you may choose either.  You will be able to get a very fantastic sari or mini-set for under $50.  You can even combine funds with another person in the family, or a friend, and make your budget a little larger; that way, the lucky lady will receive both an outfit and matching jewelry to go with it! She will thoroughly enjoy it, and will have you to thank!

R @ RU

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  1. Great blog. Can you add some blogs on gemstones also ? thx.