Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Other Facet of RU Creations

I would like to change gears and talk about the other side of RU Creations....the jewelry!!  

When a lady wears a saree it is beautified with the jewelry she wears.  We live in an era where jewelry is made to look exactly like the pure gold pieces. In addition we get all different color stones to match any and all off-beat color saree

 One gram gold jewelry has taken over the wardrobe of Indian women these days.  Instead of spending almost 10 times more on a pure gold set , ladies prefer this so they can own more and it does not look anything different.  Win- Win situation!

 The base metal is brass and the craftsmen use their creativity with stones and beads and coat it with a 1gm gold COAT.  They come in various sizes and shapes to cater to every lady's taste. Ifr u are a lady who wears chunky sets, trendy ones, or simpler pendant and earring sets-  all these types are available in 1gm.  

Enjoy and have fun coordinating

R  @ RU

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