Friday, August 21, 2009

Picture Perfect

When we take a look at the old antique Tanjore paintings,  women are almost always highlighted. The magnificent lady featured is invariably either carrying a plate of fruits, daydreaming, or it is almost always a painting of Yasoda. The women always wore sarees, of course, and more interestingly, their blouses were always a total contrast and did not match the body of either the saree or the body. 

Fast-forward to this day and era; the same trend is still very much in style. Follow this trend and you yourself will certainly feel like one of the beautiful and elegant ladies from the ancient Tanjore paintings. 

Here's a saree that fits the example perfectly!

R @ RU


  1. This is very interesting. What are some typical colors of the womens' sarees that are painted in the Tanjore art?

  2. The typical colors of the sarees painted in the Tanjore paintings are usually dark green and dark red. They will be painted with contrast blouses once again red or green. because they are the most traditional colors we see tehm in those paintings.